Pick-Up and Delivery Management

Workforce and logistics management for your business

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Streamline Pick-Up and Delivery

Automated Assignment

Bulk import all tasks at once and schedule the whole day in mere seconds. Automate task assignment based on comprehensive algorithms and options - including geo-fencing.

Route Optimization

Optimize pick-up and delivery routes for distance or time. Track deliveries in real-time. Make quick adjustments on the map. Travelling Salesman Problem solved in seconds!

Automate Inventory Management

Integrate POS systems with the Tookan dashboard. Use barcode scanning at the customer end to automate inventory management. Don’t waste time jotting down each pick-up and delivery!

Pick-Up/Delivery Workforce

Monitor agent availability, performance and location in real-time. Share important task information. Use signatures, notes, images and even barcodes for Proof of Delivery!

Tookan in Action

Manage Agents and Tasks

Keep a track of agents, tasks and customers all in one place. Automate dispatch, notifications and invoices.

Real-Time Tracking

Geo-track pick-up and delivery personnel in transit

Advanced Analytics

Empower growth strategy with key metric reports and real-time analytics

Real-Time Notifications

Dispatch tasks to agents in real-time without having to be in the office.

Task View

View all your tasks in list, map and calendar view on your mobile.

Share Important Information

Share notes, images and other task details with your delivery agents.

Real-Time Tracking for Customers

Transparency for customers to track the status of their pick-up/delivery.

One Touch Communication

Reach your medical or delivery personnel directly at the touch of a button.

Reviews, Ratings and Feedback

Simple sharing of customer opinions about your services.


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How it Works

Incoming Orders

View all your orders from your website, app, facebook and aggregators in one place.

Assign & Track Orders

Auto-assign tasks to the most suitable drivers, optimize their routes and track operations in real time.

Receive Customer Feedback

Keep your customers posted about the status of their order, receive their reviews and ratings upon completion.


Spot sources of inefficiency in day-to-day operations, read comprehensive reports and enhance team performance.

  • “We needed a solution that would help us allot tasks to and track repair technicians without any hassles. When we came across Tookan, it was exactly what we needed.Tookan provides flexibility, easy scheduling, live tracking feature and automated customer notifications at affordable price. With Tookan coming in we were able to run close to 50 tasks in the pilot, validate our doorstep service business model easily and efficiently. Tookan is a product to use for any company that needs to roll out an on-demand/fleet management system.”

    Head of Operations – iService
  • “Tookan is very user friendly, affordable and ready to use workforce management tool. Now the to and fro communication with our FOS team does not have to undergo through multiple platforms.”

    COO – Jugnoo
  • “Tookan has been an easy to install, quick to learn and even faster to implement app which precisely meets our needs. Nothing more and nothing less! With Tookan coming in, we have almost nullified customers calling in again to check out if their delivery has left the store, which effectively means our phone lines have lower call waitings. In all I would say Tookan has left us with happier customers.”

    Director – Salmon Group
  • “Tookan has been great for our business. Anything we have ever requested of these guys has been responded to very fast and in a very professional manner.Tookan has helped us save time uploading the files and placing them onto a map. Time equals money in any business, for this reason and many other reasons we will continue to use Tookan. We thank Tookan for everything they have done and will continue to do.”

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