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Provide higher business value

Connect with us to provide an end to end solution. Help your customers streamline their delivery operations and increase productivity in addition to the value you provide today.

Differentiate from competition

Meet the ever-increasing customer expectations with the modern-era technology by Tookan. Leave the competition behind and provide Uber like tracking experience to your customers.

Create a new source of income

Make more money by simply referring customers to Tookan and earn revenue share from us.

Our Potential Partners

Software providers

We are a right fit, if you provide software to manage systems in the delivery industry like POSs, fleet management or field workforce management.

Service Providers

If you are an aggregator or provide a platform for services like: Restaurants, Laundry, Beauty, Home, Repair or other home/ office based services.


If you have the business connections and know how to sell Tookan to other businesses then you right person for us.

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