Empowering Fieldforce

The Art of Scheduling, Perfected Tookan Style

Every business is dependent on the efficiency of its employees, or operators. Their availability and schedules determine how well your enterprise will work. What if we could optimize this workflow for you to another level?   Integrating Tookan with Driver [...]

Tookan : A Fix for your food delivery woes.

The Opportunities and Challenges of the Online Food Market The Food Delivery Market has seen dramatic ups and downs in the last three years. The financing to the industry has been fluctuating like the emotions of a teenager. Between 2012 [...]

Developing Mapping Solutions

The Pressing Need We often tend to take Google for granted, especially if we are the everyday consumer – that is, we consume things on the front end, including apps and other services. The fact that we have a smartphone, [...]

Email Parsing for Tookan

Smart Automation Tookan, our business automation platform gets yet another add-on in the process of self-improvement. We’ve already detailed the workings of Tookan in previous posts – it is a one stop solution to managing your logistical and payment-oriented needs, [...]

Our Bird Gets New Stripes!

With a satisfied clientele in over 110 countries, one may say that stagnation might set in because we believe in our product – but one would be wrong. We at Tookan believe in continuous improvement as far as our services [...]

The Advance of Mobile Workforce Management

  The employment dynamic has been subject to quite a bit of change, this was a long time coming. With the On-Demand segment creating quite a buzz in the economy, it’s not surprising a lot of jobs that exist right [...]

The MVP Approach for New Product Development

Every entrepreneur dabbling with a new business idea has many puzzles to solve. With respect to product development, the most challenging aspect would be to walk the fine line between feature set on one side, time to market and budget [...]