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5 Delivery Challenges This Valentine Day

Valentine’s Day appears to be an idyllic cupid-struck time of love and celebration. On the surface, all the gifts, dates and celebrations seem effortless. Behind the scenes however, comprehensive logistical and marketing skills are at work. The first holiday surge [...]

Mobile Customer Apps – The Smarter way to do Business

The emergence of on-demand business represents an unprecedented paradigm shift, akin to the proliferation of the internet in the 90’s. The manner in which commerce is done has completely transformed in the last decade or so. Consequently, consumer behaviour too [...]

Tracking SDKs Now Available on Tookan

Real-Time Tracking Integration for existing customer apps! We at Tookan believe in minimizing your time and effort spent in managing logistical and operational tasks, which can be otherwise mitigated with technological aid. Only when an entrepreneur is freed from the [...]