Empowering Fieldforce


With emergence of online marketplaces over the last decade, new trends are revolutionising the traditional business. As the next big trend, startups are consolidating with other on demand players to attain high level of synergy. Bigger companies, flush with cash, [...]

Is this the end of Uber Era?

With bad publicity from the beginning of this year, Uber kept digging a deep hole for itself. It all started with Susan Fowler’s blog post about sexism and discrimination at Uber while she worked there. The post percolated all around [...]

On-demand insurance : Turn down the traditional insurance

For any business organization’s transformation strategy, technology has become a prominent factor. With huge impact on every aspect of life, technology has brought a sea change in customer’s behavior and preferences. The financial organizations and the insurance industry need to [...]

Let’s raise a toast on-demand!

The on-demand economy has been catching headlines all over the world. Food, groceries, taxi, laundry, clothing, medicines – well, all these are among the basic necessities that are being ordered online by many for some time now. However, as the [...]

Tookan makes its interface more intuitive

Ask business owners whose business runs on wheels about the biggest impediment with technology adoption for fleet and delivery management. And you would be surprised to know that it is actually nothing else but the lack of user friendliness and [...]

The Changing Face of the Taxi Industry

The on-demand taxi booking industry has come a long way, where Uber brought the waves of change and others eventually joined the wagon. The recent turmoil faced by the revolutionary player is stealing its limelight away, letting others in the [...]

HumHain – Success Story

“Happiness of Pursuit must always be greater than pursuit of happiness”          – Milind Kwatra, CEO, HumHain Delstep Pvt Ltd (HUMhain), the Ludhiana based start-up, has been working towards improving and strengthening the pick-up and delivery scenario in the city [...]