Empowering Fieldforce

Our Guide To Surfing The Logistics Tide

This eBook aims to educate you about Tookan and its services in some depth – also discussing its applicability to various sectors in the on-demand economy. In that vein, it is our belief that this will create a concise, uncomplicated [...]

Tracking SDKs Now Available on Tookan

Real-Time Tracking Integration for existing customer apps! We at Tookan believe in minimizing your time and effort spent in managing logistical and operational tasks, which can be otherwise mitigated with technological aid. Only when an entrepreneur is freed from the [...]

Virtual Restaurants: Redefining In-house Dining

Restaurant businesses can expect a lot from the Only-Delivery Model of Virtual Restaurants. Once they have tasted the appetizing potential of this model, they are only set for the ‘main course of success’. If home is your favorite place to be, [...]

New Feature: Relax. Recur. Rewind.

This week, we introduce yet another feature to Tookan, which will amplify its already potent scheduling capabilities. We call this the Recurring feature – while simple in its scope, its potential is immense. A Few Cases to Chew On Let’s [...]

Trucking Dispatch Companies to watch out for

In a report released in 2015, the American Trucking Associations projects that freight volume will increase by almost 30% by 2026. Trucking Dispatch industry has come a long way, Trucking dispatch companies on the face of it don’t look like [...]


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