Empowering Fieldforce

Tookan Partners with GlobalFood

Tookan’s revolutionary delivery management solution links up with this free online ordering alternative to help your restaurant provide seamless delivery, allowing you to just cook and your customers to just eat. If you’re in the restaurant business, online ordering is [...]


Now scan a barcode using your smartphone and get tasks assigned in realtime. Enterprise IT landscape is changing rapidly, and mobility is leading the charge. We came across many use cases where our clients required a quick and efficient method [...]

Connect Multiple apps with Tookan using Zapier

Field force management just got better with Tookan and Zapier. With so many websites and apps accessible to people today, businesses normally have their customers from myriad platforms. Managing data across all those platforms is difficult as well as time [...]

Introducing Task Earnings

We are glad to announce a new feature on our platform. You can now define agent earnings from the dashboard which can be seen on the agent app. If you use Tookan where every agent earns something on completing any [...]

How to beat Uber at its own game?

Uber has revolutionised the taxi industry completely. The 8 year old company has always been in news for interesting facts and rumors. Disrupting the ride hailing business, Uber baffled everyone with its unprecedented growth. Being one of the most favorite [...]


Uber has already become a case study for many business journalists. Every other day, there is news unveiling interesting details about the taxi giant. To put a stop on turmoils that had been coming up from this year’s beginning, Uber [...]